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Travel Insurance

  Imagine your dream vacation cancelled due to unexpected circumstances. Now imagine that you get your money back or a replacement vacation. Sounds like a wonderful dream? It can be reality when you purchase travel insurance.

 You have made an investment of time and money in your travel plans. So protect your investment with travel insurance and enjoy peace of mind!

 Here are just five reasons for purchasing a travel protection plan before you depart on your trip:

     1. Missed connection because of a flight delay - Travel delay offers coverage for overnight accommodations and meals.

    2. Lost luggage - You can be reimbursed for the purchase of clothing and personal articles so you can enjoy your vacation.

    3. Travel supplier bankruptcy - Common carriers are increasingly facing financial difficulties. Purchasing trip insurance from a third party can protect your investment.

    4. Medical needs while traveling - Insurance plans offer 24 hour worldwide assistance. You can receive advice or get information on English speaking doctors in your area.

    5. Theft of personal belongings - wallet with cash, credit cards and passport stolen.  -  Emergency assistance services will assist you in reporting your lost documents and make arrangements for emergency cash transfers. The baggage benefit provides coverage for loss due to unauthorized use of your card.

 Ask for details today and enjoy the security of knowing you are protected!

Travel insurance probably costs less than you think.

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